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We design structures that revolutionize the way solar energy is delivered to remote areas. Clean energy solves real problems in everyday life and provide everyone with reliable access to nature’s cleanest source of energy, the sun.
IoT powered solar powered kiosk

Solar Powered Kiosks

Solar Powered Kiosks provide services in areas without readily available power supply and help our clients to reach out to their customers. Our kiosks are equipped with all the necessary appliances for immediate operation.

solar powered library

Solar Powered Libraries

Solar Powered Libraries are a fantastic way to spread education locally and regionally. They are easy to setup anywhere and equipped with the appropriate material (Books, Ipads, digital books and magazines) to suit all educational needs.

IoT enabled solar powered restroom

Solar Powered Restrooms

Our Solar Powered Restrooms come ready with electricity, clean water and proper waste management in one complete unit. They fulfill the need of the public in rural and urban areas.

solar powered coffee shops

Solar Powered Coffee Shops

Our Solar Powered Cafes, supplied with all appliances, help our customers to generate revenue streams in areas lacking ready electrical supply. This structure costs much less to build and run than traditional buildings powered by fossil fuel.

solar powered security boot

Solar Powered Security Booths

Solar Powered Security Booths are convenient and easy to relocate whenever needed. They come equipped with toilet facilities, air condition, TV monitoring screen and security cameras.

solar powered bus shelter new

Solar Powered Bus Shelters

Shamsey Solar-Powered Bus Shelters provide a comfortable and convenient alternative for traditional bus stops. They are equipped with Air Condition, Phone charging stations,TV screens and seating areas.

Clean Energy For Clean Living

Shamsey kiosks, security offices, and restrooms cost much less to run than buildings powered by fossil fuels. Each unit is custom made to fit each unique environment and your business needs. Each unit is built to harness the power of the sun using photovoltaic. These structures revolutionize the way energy is delivered to remote areas, making it possible to urbanize more areas and provide a healthier, cleaner lifestyle.

Perfect for
  • Government institutions looking to provide better facilities for people in public places.
  • Convention centers wanting to generate a revenue stream through a retail kiosk.
  • Construction firms searching for better electricity-free facilities for workers.

Businesses and governmental institutions can have solar-powered solutions that are uniquely designed, manufactured, installed, and maintained. This is the smart energy solution for the best and most profitable use of solar energy.

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