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Shamsey Brings You Smart Solar Solutions

Custom Made Solar Solutions To Generate Revenue And Deliver Value To Customers Everywhere

Shamsey started operation in February 2016 with the solar-powered kiosk. This first product was designed and manufactured for the Dubai World Trade Center. The solar-powered kiosk efficiently serves customers food and beverages in a large open area with no traditional power supply. Since then, we improved the design and the energy capabilities of our solar kiosk. We are now in the process of creating customized solar powered security guard booths with air conditioning, solar lights, and solar-powered cameras. Also in production is the solar-powered restroom to be located on Mamzar beach. We continue to stretch our creative abilities to include solar-powered cafe’s, libraries, and bus shelters. Our goal is to continue helping our customers find solar-powered solutions to deliver value and generate revenue to their customers all over the UAE. We are also expanding to the neighboring countries in the MENA region.

Our Team

We are a young and a dynamic team working towards creating hassle-free, technology-driven, affordable service