Ali is passionate about renewable energy and the need to know
more about it. He really believes that renewable energy is the future
for ourselves and our future generations, and that we need to learn
more about it, make full use of it and embrace it.

Ali believes we can have a sustainable way of life if we reduce our
dependency on fossil fuel, decrease our energy consumption, care
more about our environment and adopt renewable energy. He
started Shasmey to do just that.

Ali believes strong advocates of renewable energy can engineer
innovative models that cater for our everyday needs. This includes
all the products he personally and passionately designed and
developed at Shamsey starting from the Solar powered kiosk to the
Solar powered library.

Ali has a B.Sc. in Computer Science and later in his career pursued
MPhil research in Bioinformatics at Imperial College London, UK. Ali
is an experienced Financial/Energy Trading and Risk Management
consultant working for blue chip firms in Europe, U.S. and Australia
for over 15 years. Ali is a qualified Financial Risk Manager (FRM) as
well as PRINCE2 senior practitioner project manager.