Solar Powered Kiosks

Our Solar-Powered Kiosks provide convenient services serving food and beverages without the costs and maintenance that goes along with traditional power infrastructures. These solar energy alternatives can increase local income and provide services to the public in areas that lack electricity. Our kiosks are currently being used in Dubai World Trade Centre open area car park and in Mamzar beach in Sharjah.

Possible Appliances:
• Fridge, Freezer
• Air condition/Air cooler, Fridge/Freezer, Food Display.
• Coffee machine, Fruit & Smoothie machine.

Design Features:
• 24H operation and comes ready with all appliances:
• Heat resistant wooden material.
• Storage facilities for food and beverages.

Potential Locations:
• Beaches, public parks.
• Highway roads across the UAE.
• Dessert Safari companies.