Solar Powered Libraries

Our solar-powered libraries are innovative structures with an islamic design to suit the local culture in the Middle East. They are custom made and come in various sizes to suit parks, tourist attraction sites, etc. The libraries come ready with internet access, digital equipment (Ipads, laptops, PCs and TV screens) and traditional books and can be used by adults and children. Tourists can use it to collect maps and guides and check local places to visit.

Possible Appliances:
• Edutainment Units (Ipads, mini pads) for children with online books and games.
• Digital books and magazines for adults.
• Books and newspapers.

Design Features:
• Islamic-oriented design.
• Innovative product, completely off the grid.
• Works 24 hours a day.

Potential Locations:
• Tourist attraction areas.
• Public parks.
• Abu Dhabi Corniche.